Turning Twenty: 20 Things About Me

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Hey friends! Happy Friday, we made it! So today is my 20th birthday and I am so excited to finally be out of my “teen” years! I haven’t considered myself a teen for a while now, but I’m happy to be out of those years that end in a “teen” ๐Ÿ˜‰ I feel like I’m somewhat of an old soul, so turning 20 feels like it’s been a long time coming, and most of my friends are already 20 or turning 21 in a few months.

So to celebrate, other than a trip to the spa and a nice dinner, I thought it would be fun to share 20 things you may or may not know about me! Since I’m a bit of a busy bee on my birthday, I will go ahead and get this going! Bare with me, 20 is a lot more than you may think, but I’ve tried to keep this entertaining as well.


  1. I was actually born in Memphis, TN! I was a little southern baby and really embraced it, until we moved away right about the same time I started saying I was “fixin'” to do things, according to my parents.
  2. If you follow me, you know I have a yellow lab named Timber! Something you may not know is that she is my family’s second lab. When I was about 3 years old, we got Cocoa and she was with us for 14 years! I could never live without a dog, particularly a lab.
  3. Timber, my labrador baby girl, is named after the Portland Timbers soccer team! A lot of people think she’s a boy, but the name really does suit her.
  4. I have moved about 7 times! Here’s how it went: Memphis, TN to Denver, CO, to a couple places in Nashville TN, to Marin County in CA, to Bentonville, AR, to Portland, OR! I have literally been all over.
  5. I secretly miss the South. There’s something about that southern charm that I just long for. I love the casual vibe of the West Coast, but sometimes wish I could experience that southern charm again. All the Mrs. and Mr.’s and preppy clothes kind of has me hooked!
  6. Children’s movies are my guilty pleasure. Am I the only one on this? I think it may be because I was too busy playing dress up when I was little to watch television, but I love turning on kid’s movies when I’m working or laying in bed–they’re always really cute and just light hearted.
  7. I absolutely hate running! If you’re gonna hear 20 things about me, this one has to be in there. When I was probably about 7 years old, I had finished a soccer game and said to my parents, “I like soccer, just not the running part,” and that was the end of my sports career!
  8. My favorite food is pasta! I am a pastaย freak.ย I would eat it (and have eaten it) for every meal of the day. Also, literally only buttered noodles with cheese on top. Am I really turning 20 or 2?
  9. Pringles are also a favorite guilty food choice. When I was super little I told my grandma that if I didn’t get a Pringle I would have a heart attack! I just might have, that’s how much I love them.
  10. I honestly don’t have a favorite color, and kind of dislike that question! I love blue but would never wear it as a lipstick, you get what I’m getting at? Pink is sort of an overall pleaser for me, as it works for almost everything!
  11. I’ve been a dancer ever since I could walk (and will always consider myself a dancer). Since I stated that running is not my thing, I do feel grateful that I was given the ability to dance, which I am aware is not an ability everyone was gifted with ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. On the note of dancing, I have done everything including tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, lyrical, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, pom, you name it, I’ve probably done it! And I loved it. I would compete in competitions until I joined the high school dance team and won two state championships!
  13. Given the choice between mountains and water, I’d choose water! I love the mountains, but I find bodies of water so so relaxing and beautiful.
  14. I. Love. Coffee.ย Love love love it. To be honest, I rarely drink it just for the caffeine kick. I literally love the taste. And I’m a bit of a snob about it now. I love a nice black cup of coffee from the best roasters.
  15. The 80’s is my jam. Mostly talking music here, but I always think that I was born in the wrong generation (mostly in regards of technology though). College parties could really step it up if they played some of the classic 80’s jams!!
  16. My ultimate favorite tv show is a tie between One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. I could watch every season of each show probably infinite times without getting sick of it.
  17. Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) is my girl crush. I say Brooke Davis first even though that’s the name of her character on One Tree Hill, but her character is so amazing I don’t know how she couldn’t be everyone’s girl crush. Sophia Bush is, though, amazing and does so much activism work for just about everything.
  18. I wanted to write my favorite season, but I really don’t have one! I wish I did, but every time I feel I’ve made a choice I just remember something about another season I love. Fall is beautiful, but summer is so warm and fun, and winter has snow and Christmas, so it’s a big toss up!
  19. My favorite music is pop! I kind of hate admitting this because I know there are so many other genres that deserve more appreciation probably, but I love a good song I can turn on in the car and jam to, which usually ends up being pop.
  20. I a mix between an introvert and an extrovert. I used to be total extrovert but now I’ve grown to really appreciate my quiet time and to just chill!


There ya have it! 20 (long, I apologize) things about me! I’m off to celebrate and enjoy finally being in my ’20’s’. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

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