How to Be Taken Seriously When You’re Young

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Hi guys! It’s my first post since I announced I’ve been accepted into the rewardStyle family! I am beyond excited. I’ve had my eye on rewardStyle forever now, and knew it was a goal from the second I started my blogging journey. Just a nice reminder that setting your mind on something and working at it does pay off!

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So on to today’s topic. I want to talk about being taken seriously when you’re young. I consider myself an old soul, which brings along some challenges. I tend to want to work around adults more, and I do. I get along with my professors, which I think is really important during college, and most brands I work with are all far past the college phase.

If you’re in college or still in your 20’s, you may struggle with being taken seriously in the workplace. Maybe you’ve just started a summer internship and are experiencing this, but whatever the case may be I have some tips and tidbits you could benefit from!


Set the serious tone right off the bat. Don’t wait to show that you take things seriously. Even if your boss or management are really laid back, always start with your best foot forward. If you wait too long and turn on the seriousness at a later point, it may be too late and harder to change the way you’re viewed. Of course, still have fun and be personable, but taking things seriously will pay off.

Professionalism, professionalism, professionalism. This one is so important I had to say it three times. Always be professional any chance you have. Send emails when you can (not texts) and don’t start them with, “Hey Dude.” Be prompt always and remember the proper etiquette you were taught. This can start as early as the interview process when you have a firm handshake, bring in your own notes and questions, and write a thank you letter before you find out if you got the job or not.

Treat yourself equally as other staff members. You might be young, but no one has to know that. Unless you parade around your age and your year in school, you can keep your age camouflaged if you want. If you can’t camouflage your age, then be sure to treat yourself just as the older staff members would. Unless you agreed to take on more responsibility, your expectations should be the same as those who are decades past college.

Give yourself respect to earn respect. I say this because you may be expected to take on more or not be treated with as much respect if you’re young. Don’t throw yourself under the bus just because of your age. Respect yourself and say no when you need to, and the respect will be reciprocated.


I totally know that everyone’s work situation is different, and there are other factors that go into these types of things, but I did feel like this is something other’s could relate to! Being young and starting out comes with many different factors and this is one of them.

Thank you all for reading, today’s a busy busy day so I’m heading out for Zumba and to teach some cute kiddie dance classes! Have a wonderful Thursday.

7 thoughts on “How to Be Taken Seriously When You’re Young

  1. Loved these tips! I would also add in not to be afraid to stand up for yourself as sometimes the colleagues looking down on you are the same ones to pin something on you because you’re the youngest on the team even if you didn’t do it.

    1. Totally agree!! I’ve definitely experienced it before. Being young is great but we all have to learn to stand up for ourselves. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  2. All of these points are such great advice. I think another great advice to help be taken seriously is to be on time or even early. I think that really makes a difference in the impression given to an older generation and anyone, really, in the professional workforce. Great article, you look great!


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