My ‘Secret’ to Staying Fresh Through a Travel Day

Hello there! So my Spring Break trip has officially begun! I hopped on my plane to South Carolina this morning to visit my Grandparents, Aunt & Uncle, and little cousins (just realized how big they’re getting and not so little anymore)! The weather is supposed to be better than it’s been in Portland and I haven’t been out there in years, so I’m excited!

This month is a big travel time for most people. Spring Break is happening each week, and then after that we’re kicking it into high gear with traveling during the summer! I don’t know about you guys, but I always feel kind of gross after being in airports and on planes all day, especially if it’s an early morning flight. So whether you’re traveling by car, by plane, or having a busy stay-cation, I have some tips to help you feel and stay fresh!

Secret Clinical StrengthSo deodorant is debatably the most important thing! I don’t go a single morning without swiping it on. I also have multiples purses, my workout bag, and my backpack (sometimes my car tends to be a placeholder too) so it’s not realistic for me to buy 5 different deodorants to keep in each bag. And I won’t remember to switch it every time I take a different bag with me! So, I want my deodorant to go on once in the morning, and stay on. This one really does and it smells great too! You also won’t get any of those annoying white marks on your clothes when you put it on because it’s invisible. So if you’re on a plane, be a good friend to the person next to you and put on a strong lasting deodorant. 😉

Purell Advanced NaturalAlright so, you heard me talk about all the bags I have, well this is one thing that I always have in each bag of mine! I’m not a germ freak, but I do know where I am every day–touching desks and doorknobs after hundreds of other students, and we’ve had an extremely awful cold/flu season. Each week of mine is pretty fast paced, and I don’t have time to get sick. So this stuff is always with me and it’s great!

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt SprayI’m totally the type to wake up at 5am for my morning flight, literally put on whatever is visible to me, brush my teeth and go. My mom always plans some cute outfit so if I’m traveling with her I look like the total opposite. I do like to try to look somewhat cute when I can and plan enough! This means maybe not doing the normal everyday ‘straight hair’ thing. I also don’t want to take the time in the morning to do full curling my hair if I have an early flight, so this spray is a time savor! If you want to try light curls and get a jump start on your beach look before you even get there, this one is great! And it smells like banana which is always a plus.

Vera Wang EmbraceIf you’re like me and don’t like to smell super strong all the time, this perfume is great! I tried the green tea and pear blossom, as well as the periwinkle and iris fragrance, and I personally liked the green tea and pear blossom more. I go for subtle perfumes and this one was that. If I spray a little on my wrists and a tad on my neck, I’ll be smelling great wherever I’m off to!

Fancy feetSo I am 5′ 2”. That is short! Obviously for this reason I love anything with a wedge. This spring I’ve been stocking up on the cutest wedges and of course that means I want to wear them when I travel! I always try to buy for comfort as well, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Even if my shoes are comfy, I like to use these Fancy Feet inserts! They keep my shoes right where they need to be on my feet and eliminate the sliding back and forth–helpful if you unexpectedly have to book it through the airport! They add some extra cushion and comfort for the balls of your feet too.

Last but not least, coffee. Haha, I am adding this one in there for some fun, but it actually is so true! All of these products are great for staying fresh when you’re traveling, but coffee is a must. The last time I traveled anywhere I remember being up at 4:30 for a 6:30 flight and deciding not to get coffee so I could nap when we got there…hardest thing ever, and I can tell you I was not the friendliest travel companion that morning!

If you try or have tried any of these products please let me know if you liked them! Safe travels to anyone who is on Spring Break this week, or anyone going somewhere in the next few weeks! Stay fresh.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.