Macy’s Summer Fashion Show Recap

Hey all! If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know I’m in San Francisco and been having so much fun. After we flew in on Saturday we got ready for the Macy’s Summer Fashion Show previewing all of the hot summer trends and celebrating going into summer I want to share and recap what they showed and all of the great trends:

First of all, and something I hadn’t seen much of, is wearing classic black with a pop of color. I actually love this look and the two gals hosting the event, life and style blogger Nichole Ciotti and stylist Caroline Rooney Serrano, were both wearing this look. Caroline had on the cutest black jumpsuit with pink tasseled earrings, and Nichole had an off the shoulder black top!

Second, sneakers for summer! I also hadn’t seen this trend but it’s adorable. There were sparkle sneakers, casual, all types and they were paired with almost everything. I picked some of my favorites for you all to shop!

Third, off the shoulder/cold shoulder look. This one I am featuring in this outfit here! I love the cold shoulder and off the shoulder look. This top would be a lot more boring if it wasn’t for the fun sleeves and shoulder! There are so so many tops and dresses with this trend, but I’m showing my favorite’s for all of you.

Fourth, block heels for shoes! I’ve already jumped on this summer trend. At the Macy’s Summer Fashion Show, they showed high heels and lower heels, but all with the block heel. Not only is it so much easier to walk in a block heel, but they are really adorable. A few in particular are the cutest, and I’ve found some great affordable duplicates!

I just wanted to highlight the trends that stood out the most and that I thought you all would enjoy the most. Take a look at all the fun pieces I pulled inspired by these trends! Keep an eye out for my San Francisco guide and recap later this week. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Macy’s Summer Fashion Show Recap

  1. I’m so glad that block heels are back in! You’re right; they’re SO much easier to walk in. I just bought some from Macys, actually. Great post!

  2. Ohmigoodness why are you so cute!!?!?! Love this sort of boho chic look! That’s so cool that you went San Fran to a fashion show. I like everything, but I think I like the booties with the block heel the best. 🙂

  3. I love the white shorts. I don’t know how they would fair with a toddler, but it makes such a lovely combination. I need to learn your ways. I am such a fashion novice.

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