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Hey everyone! I’m going to start posting on the blog MWF during summer–it’s a much better schedule when I’m not taking classes and think you all will like it too. Today I’m sharing a really easy and adorable summer outfit! It’s finally starting to heat up in the PNW, and today is absolutely gorgeous. Waking up early isn’t as hard when it’s beautiful and I’m excited to get outside. This morning I taught a class, came home and ate breakfast out on the patio. So relaxing! Later I’m heading out on the lake with some friends and can. not. wait.

I’m sure you all recognize these earrings by now; I wear them all the time! Since this outfit is more simple, using accessories is a fun way to style it up while still staying comfortable. Tassel earrings have been a huge trend and I personally love them. There are pinks, yellows, blues, whites, you name it!

I saw this ‘girls’ t-shirt on another blogger a few weeks ago and thought it was super cute. Sometimes I just want a simple tank or tee to throw on, but struggle to find something that isn’t boring. The brand is ‘brunette’ so they also make a tee that says ‘brunette’ instead of ‘girls’! There’s enough blonde stuff out there, so I’m in favor of the brunette 😉

I used to be a J. Crew freak, but now in college I’ve been on a budget and shopping more ‘fast fashion’ which I also love; however, I did find these pink linen shorts on sale for a steal! They were on sale and discounted on top of that, so I got them for $20.99!! I think they’re more like $25 now but they also come in different colors and I’m tempted to go buy another color. They do wrinkle easily, since they’re linen, but buy a cheap steamer and you’re good to go!

I also found these really adorable fringe wedges for only $32! I think the fringe is so cute, but if you want to make the look even more casual you can just wear some sandals or flip flops! Of course, to stick with the pink theme I wore a pink lip!

There you have it, a few and easy pink summer look, and at a pretty affordable price! Grab the shorts fast because they’ve been on sale for a while now! I’m off to play in the sun, see you Wednesday!

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