Celebrating the First Day of Spring

Happy first day of spring!!! Boy am I excited that we can officially say winter is over. It might not be warming up like it usually is this time of year but I know it’s coming. I feel like I’m always talking about the weather, but with this past winter that’s been the news out here!

This spring I have so many exciting things to look forward to!
In just a few weeks the Tulip Festival will open and it’s one of the most beautiful events all year. Every year we take Timber with us and last year she accidentally took a bite out of one of the tulips when we were taking a picture haha! I also only have about a month and one week left of this semester, and I am really ready for a long break. I’m so thankful I go to a school with semesters and not trimesters or else I’d be going until mid June! Sometime in April I’ll be taking a fun little trip to Seattle–I have never been before! I’ve lived in Portland almost 5 years but still haven’t been up there.

Last but not least I am SO looking forward to sunshine!! Speaking of, in honor of the first day of spring, check out this little sunny outfit I pulled together! The dress is actually from a cute little boutique in the Pearl District called Ipnosi, but I’ve linked some similar ones. These shoes are on sale from Anthropologie and limited edition! They were having a huge sale and I caved. They’re my absolute favorite, but I’ve had to wait until everything dries out to wear them around.

I hope everyone is just as excited as I am for spring to finally be here! Have a happy Monday!