San Francisco Travel Guide

Earrings / Jeans / Jacket / Sunglasses / Purse

Hey friends! It’s good to be back and writing to you all from good ol’ Portland! Don’t get me wrong, traveling is great but when you live somewhere you love, it makes you realize how amazing home is. I’ve lived allllll over the country from Arkansas to Colorado, to many more and I always loved getting away. Now I love going places but feel happy to get back to Portland.

Enough about Portland, today’s post is about San Francisco! To get things straight, I never lived in the city, but I lived just over the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, just 20 minutes out of the city! So some of the places I’m gonna tell you all about are also in Marin, which I would highly recommend visiting if you like seeing the outskirts of cities. Continue reading “San Francisco Travel Guide”

Why I’m Thankful I Moved So Much | Classic LBD

Happy lazy Sunday everyone!

I’m actually really excited for today because I taught this morning and got a great workout in, and now I’ve planned a quiet day for myself to just sit and be super productive (we’ll see how that goes realistically)! This is our last week in the month of March and that is crazy to me…but, I am so excited for April! I was just reminded of the infamous “April showers bring May flowers” and I am really hoping that isn’t the case for Portland this year. We’ve had enough rain for the next few months!

Anyhow, I’m surprised I haven’t thought about sharing this post with you all before today.
Recently, since I’ve been in college and gotten the “where are you from” question, Continue reading “Why I’m Thankful I Moved So Much | Classic LBD”

My ‘Secret’ to Staying Fresh Through a Travel Day

Hello there! So my Spring Break trip has officially begun! I hopped on my plane to South Carolina this morning to visit my Grandparents, Aunt & Uncle, and little cousins (just realized how big they’re getting and not so little anymore)! The weather is supposed to be better than it’s been in Portland and I haven’t been out there in years, so I’m excited!

This month is a big travel time for most people. Continue reading “My ‘Secret’ to Staying Fresh Through a Travel Day”

Favorite Athleisure Look and Overnight Bag

Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday! I am gearing up for my trip this weekend to the sun and wanted to share my favorite “athleisure” look! I choose athleisure when I have stuff to get done, haven’t had a ton of sleep, or want to be comfy when I travel. AND I want to look cute while doing it!

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