The Different Phases of Coming Home for Summer in College

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Happy Friday! As you all know, I love all things fashion and beauty, hence the blog. But I also love sharing about lifestyle. I first and foremost refer to my blog as a lifestyle blog, because fashion and beauty are a part of that, but so are many other things. I love to write and I want to talk about things that you all can relate to on a personal level. So today’s post is more lifestyle!

I do want to first mention this dress from Nordstrom! I just bought it this past week so they definitely have it. It is perfect for summer and I love the smocked details and off the shoulder style! The burnt orange rustic look also goes really well with a tan (or sunburn in my case). The gold lariat necklace goes perfect with it. I’m also wearing my absolute favorite MAC lipstick–Twig. I know it’s summer, but this color makes me feel so pretty every time I wear it, and I am all for feeling my best! Also love Toms wedges. They are so stylish now and comfortable too!

When it comes to college, everyone has a different experience. One thing that most can relate to on some level is coming home for the summer, whether it be every summer or just one. I’ve been home for over a month now, and most of my friends have only been home for about a week. Some are home for a week and then off to study abroad, some are home for the entire summer, some working and some in a totally new part of the country. Continue reading “The Different Phases of Coming Home for Summer in College”

Styling a Wrap Skirt Two Ways

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Happy Hump day! Half way through the week. So far so good, but crossing my fingers this week continues to go well! Today I got to sleep in finally since a few days of being up super early and it is so nice. I honestly don’t know how some start their days at 6 or 7 and then end at around 10. I am pooped!

So, I found this wrap skirt in my closet and just didn’t really know what to wear with it. I love wrap skirts, especially this one and wanted to find the right match for it. I ended up finding two perfect pairs and wanted to share with you all! Continue reading “Styling a Wrap Skirt Two Ways”

Dressing Easy in Pink for Summer | $25 Shorts

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Hey everyone! I’m going to start posting on the blog MWF during summer–it’s a much better schedule when I’m not taking classes and think you all will like it too. Today I’m sharing a really easy and adorable summer outfit! It’s finally starting to heat up in the PNW, and today is absolutely gorgeous. Waking up early isn’t as hard when it’s beautiful and I’m excited to get outside. This morning I taught a class, came home and ate breakfast out on the patio. So relaxing! Later I’m heading out on the lake with some friends and can. not. wait.

I’m sure you all recognize these earrings by now; I wear them all the time! Since this outfit is more simple, using accessories is a fun way to style it up while still staying comfortable. Tassel earrings have been a huge trend and I personally love them. There are pinks, yellows, blues, whites, you name it! Continue reading “Dressing Easy in Pink for Summer | $25 Shorts”

Turning Twenty: 20 Things About Me

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Hey friends! Happy Friday, we made it! So today is my 20th birthday and I am so excited to finally be out of my “teen” years! I haven’t considered myself a teen for a while now, but I’m happy to be out of those years that end in a “teen” 😉 I feel like I’m somewhat of an old soul, so turning 20 feels like it’s been a long time coming, and most of my friends are already 20 or turning 21 in a few months.

So to celebrate, other than a trip to the spa and a nice dinner, I thought it would be fun to share 20 things you may or may not know about me! Since I’m a bit of a busy bee on my birthday, I will go ahead and get this going! Bare with me, 20 is a lot more than you may think, but I’ve tried to keep this entertaining as well. Continue reading “Turning Twenty: 20 Things About Me”