4 Fun + Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

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Welcome to Friday!! Congratulations might be a better word if you struggled to get through this week like me. The countdown continues to get smaller and smaller to the end of school for the year, and is now under 4 weeks! We have 3 weeks until finals and I am so excited.

So I am a little sad to have to tell you all that this favorite dress of mine is sold out 🙁 I bought it for only $7 from SheIn and I never regret a single purchase from them. I was so pleased with the quality of the material and the pretty bows on the sleeves, and it fit perfectly. A lot of the cute pieces I show on JMR are from SheIn. At first I thought “7 dollars is too good to be true” because their prices really are so darn affordable, but I haven’t had any issues! It does take about 2 weeks to get to you though, but that makes the wait fun! I have linked some similar and just as cute dresses from SheIn at the top.

Now on to the topic for the day. Date night!! I thought that a pretty red dress went perfectly with some fun and inexpensive date night ideas. As a college student, I have to be smart about the money I spend and that doesn’t exclude dates! I thought up 4 of my favorite ideas, some I’ve done myself and some I’d like to try.

  1. Board Games. Board games are so fun and so underrated. This one I think is good particularly for first dates, but of course if you’ve been dating that person for a while too. Board games are always fun and can be a good way to break the ice and keep the conversation going. You can even take a game like scrabble with you to a cute coffee shop, sit down, and play for however long you want! My favorites include scrabble, war (best 2-on-2 card game ever), a classic game of chess, and battleship!
  2. Fondue for 2. You may be thinking, “Wow fondue is not inexpensive,” but I assure you it can be! For my Portland peeps, let’s talk about Urban Fondue. Best fondue ever. Sometimes I would go just for their cheese fondue, or just for dessert fondue. The Tomato Basil is my absolute favorite for cheese, and it’s only $11.95 for a pot that serves 2. If you and your date split the bill with a tip added, you can come out below $10 each! Same goes for their chocolate fondue, which is just $13.95 per pot that serves 2. Go for happy hour and have some yummy cheese, or head over just for dessert and you’ll be good to go without burning a hole in your pocket.
  3. Concert. Concerts don’t have to be expensive! You can look here for the schedule of events in Portland right now, or type in the city you want to find the events for. Sometimes tickets can run around $20 for a concert, which I think can be affordable if you budget for the week and plan. Yes, it’s fun to see major artists at big venues, but a small concert with someone could be really fun for date night and not too pricey!
  4. Volunteer. This is something I have always wanted to do! I am an animal lover, so I’ve always thought going with someone to the Humane Society would be time well spent. Date’s don’t always have to be glamorous, and I know I would love for someone to ask me to go with them to help out some little doggies! This is one that requires no money spent too, which is always a win! Why not volunteer somewhere and then go grab some chocolate fondue afterwards 😉

It’s Friday night so why not go out and try one of these fun ideas! I’ll be trying the concert idea tomorrow night when DNCE comes to campus for Rock the Bluff! I can’t wait to say I’ve seen Joe Jonas in person. Anyway, happy Friday and have fun everyone!