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Happy Tuesday! I’ve been wanting to write today’s post for a while because there are so many great pieces and items for summer! Mid June in Oregon is never all that sunny and warm, but despite the weather it is summer and I have 10 items that you’ll need! The photo above is shoppable with all of the links if you’d like to take a look.


Kopari Coconut Body GlowI am so excited about this one and personally trying it myself! Kopari is somewhat new, so if you don’t know what Kopari is I will explain! They basically have a ton of beauty products that are all made from coconut oil. They feel amazing, smell amazing, and do great things for your skin. The body glow is perfect to put on before heading to the pool or out to dinner if you want a nice glow!

The Famous Flamingo Float. This one is, of course, a must! I’m hoping to get one for my birthday this Friday, because how can I go through the summer without one? Stay tuned for a flamingo float picture 😉

MAC Lipstick Candy Yum Yum. Love MAC Lipsticks! Bobbi Brown is also a favorite but I’m partial to MAC. For summer I have to have a bright pink to throw on, and the candy yum yum color is perfect.

A pair of go-to sunnies. Sunglasses is probably obvious but I don’t go a day without mine. I wish it was sunnier here in Oregon because I love throwing mine on and not having to worry about putting any eye makeup on!

Statement earrings. I used to completely forget about earrings and only wear the same studs for weeks, but I’ve loved wearing statement earrings! I linked an adorable pair that can add a little flare to your look.

Summer hat. This post almost turned into a “summer hat” post all about hat’s because I absolutely love hat’s! The one I linked is so darn cute and, just like the earrings, it can add a little extra fun to your outfit!

Easy summer dress. Let’s be real, who wants to wear pants in the summer when it’s sunny and 90 degrees? I love putting on an easy dress, and this one is adorable and on sale! It’s almost a baby doll with really cute puffy sleeves and little stars on it.

Everyday wedges. The Marc Fisher wedges have made a huge appearance this season, but Steve Madden is a duplicate pair for almost half the price! They are perfect to wear out to dinner or if you want to dress up your summer look a little.

NARS tinted moisturizer. This is another item I would love to get as a birthday present! I am in desperate need of a light coverage foundation with an SPF in it for my skin. The NARS brand is my favorite!

A new and stylish swimsuit. I always look forward to getting at least one new suit per season. ASOS has so many adorable suits if you are in need! The one I linked has adorable little ruffles on it and baby blue is one of my favorite colors to wear.


Let’s all hope the sun comes out too for us Oregonians! I would love to hear if you try any of these products or items. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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